The Divine Liturgies as Chanted on the Holy Mountain CD-ROM

The Divine Liturgies as Chanted on the Holy Mountain CD-ROM

St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery is pleased to announce the completion of its Divine Liturgies Music Project. We have transcribed more than 1000 pages of Byzantine music into Western notation according to the style of chanting used on the Holy Mountain. The scope of this project covers the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. James, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as various doxologies. The words of the hymns are provided in Modern English, Elizabethan English, and Greek, Click here to browse through the online version of this book, which contains some of the music as free downloads that you can view, hear, and print.

The major drawback, however, of the online version of this book is that it is time-consuming and cumbersome to download each of the 900 music files. For this reason, we have made the entire music book available on an interactive CD, compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers. With this CD, you can view, hear, and print all the music files instantly, without having to wait for each file to download. Also on this CD are two 700-page PDF files in full color (one in Elizabethan English and one in Modern English) containing all the music in book form, so that you can easily print all or any part of the music. These PDF files are complete with a table of contents, bookmarks, and embedded chant recordings.

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