Harry Potter - The Truth Behind the Story

Harry Potter - The Truth Behind the Story

Would you like to Initiate Your Children to Satanism?

The Truth behind the Harry Potter stories.

"I made a very conscious decision, right from the beginning, that I was writing about someone evil, and wasn't going to tell a lie."

(J. K. Rowling, author)

With over 150 million readers, it is very likely that someone close to you has read a Harry Potter book, an introductory manual to the occult. Is it really just a story? After all, the author herself has publicly admitted that over 1/3 of the events described in it are based on actual witchcraft practices.

This booklet further demonstrates why Harry Potter is inappropriate and extremely harmful reading for both children and adults. Concise, irrefutable, authoritative, and easy to read, this study is recommended to all concerned Christians.

English, softcover, 36 pp. Published by St. Anthony's Monastery.

Note: this book has been replaced with the new publication "Innocent Fun or Insidious Threat? An Orthodox Parent's Guide to Protecting Our Families from the REAL Dangers of Today" availabe to order through St. Poimen Greek Orthodox Brotherhood or as an ebook through Amazon.

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Ha.Po. series

By: sp on 05/26/2014 07:55:19 PM

I am very happy the monastery has published this very short booklet. One should read it before advising anybody, self included, to spend their time with the HP type of works. I think it's very weird for Orthodox to read such things and the booklet has the great merit of raising some questions. It's style is not important at all, given its brevity.

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