The Hermitess Photini

The Hermitess Photini

This is the incredible true story of Photini, a young woman who lived in disguise as a man a hundred years ago. Aflame with love for God, she abandoned the world to live as a hermit. She journeyed beyond the Jordan River and found a cave where she lived in complete seclusion, unknown to the world. With great ingenuity, she managed to survive in the wilderness alone. By faith in God and by wielding the sword of the Jesus prayer, she vanquished the demons. And through noetic prayer she rose to spiritual heights, where she saw visions of heaven and even acquired the gift of clairvoyance. But her secret life was providentially discovered by Father Joachim in his quest to find holy hermits. In this inspiring book of his, he describes his encounter with the hermitess and tells her lifes adventures. This unique book has great spiritual worth since it is not merely a captivating story, but it also includes Photini’s deep insights about life and the struggle for spiritual perfection. This new edition has been enhanced with new pictures and photographs.

English. Softcover. 162 pp. Published by St. Anthony's Monastery.

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Reviews and Ratings

Hermitis Photini

By: gbeebe57 on 11/12/2017 03:27:21 AM

Excellent spiritual reading. Very inspiring

A treasure

By: Anne on 03/09/2015 03:11:39 AM

I took several weeks and read one chapter per day to my 5 and 9 year old after our morning prayers. They were attentive and I was too! This book is not only a beautiful description of St. Photini's life, but it also teaches much on the theology of the Orthodox church. St. Photini was an amazing person.

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