Let the Little Children Come to Me

Let the Little Children Come to Me

In the daily struggles of life, seldom do we find ourselves inspired to fuly live up to our Christian calling. When confronted with the pressures of this world, we are tempted to cower and bow our heads in defeat. It is then that we need a helping hand or a good role model to strenthen our feeble will. From the author of Meditiation on the Lords Prayer comes this inspiring book to enlighten and nurture our weak souls - a book that goes beyond the shadows of death and emerges as a celebration of life. Dedicated to those who remained firm in their faith and died for the glory of God, Let the Little Children Come to Me is an awe-inspiring compilation of fifty children martyrs from the beginnings of Christianity to the 1900s. In these true accounts their bold faith, which remained firm in the face of harsh torments, is brought to life throughout the pages, serving as an example to all who desire to take up their cross and follow the Lord. With their graphic realism and moving dialogue, the stories of these young, angelic warriors are an invaluable addition to any Christians bookshelf.

English. Hardcover. 206 pp. Published by St. John Chrysostomos Monastery, Pleasant Prairie, WI.

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