My Elder Joseph the Hesychast

My Elder Joseph the Hesychast

This book contains the very personal account of Elder Ephraim telling the life of his Elder Joseph the Hesychast, whose holiness made him one of the most influential monks on the Holy Mountain in the twentieth century. Many of these fascinating stories have never been published before, including delightful anecdotes about Elder Joseph’s brotherhood, moving accounts of his spiritual struggles, insightful spiritual counsels from his deep wisdom, and amazing miracles.

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English. Hardcover. 705 pp. Size 6 x 9 in. ISBN 0-9667000-8-2. Published by St. Anthony's Monastery.

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Easy to understand

By: Maria on 03/27/2016 12:12:02 AM

Such treasures in this book...so many well written, clear and understandable stories of his life, his disciples, and more. Very helpful to learn more about the spiritual struggle....second time reading it!

My Elder Joseph the Hesychast

By: Michael on 04/10/2014 10:40:53 PM

This is truly a well written book about an amazing man who was totally surrendered to God's will in his life. We Orthodox Chrisitians are blessed to have monasticism as a part of our Church and to have the monks interceding for us and the world. Indeed, they support The Church, hold up The Church in prayer, vigils, etc. I recommend this book to any and all who are considering purchasing it.


By: Constantine on 03/17/2014 10:35:01 PM

This is a must have book for anybody! After reading it, I understand and feel more of a connection between myself and my spiritual father. Also, I feel like I have a personal connection with Elder Joseph even though I have never met him. Beautiful job by Elder Ephraim and any others who contributed to this book.

My Elder Joseph the Hesychast

By: Maria on 01/11/2014 12:19:37 AM

I've read the whole book and wanted to keep reading. Very thankful to Geronta for sharing his experiences with his holy elder. It helps me to see the many blessings one receives with a Prayerful life and true obedience to his/her elder/eldress or spiritual father. We love Geronta!

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