My Exodus from Roman Catholicism

My Exodus from Roman Catholicism

In this intriguing autobiographical account, Bishop Paul de Ballester (+1984) unfolds the secret world of papal infallibility. Being of Spanish decent and desiring to follow Christ, he became a Franciscan monk. Much to his dismay, in his monastery’s library he discovered, through the writings of the Early Church Fathers and the documents of the Catholic Church itself, that Rome’s claim to hierarchal primacy is false and contradictory to Holy Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. His search for the truth encountered great resistance from his spiritual father and the Roman hierarchy, but by God’s grace he made his exodus from the Catholic Church. He became a monk in the Orthodox tradition, being first honored with the grace of priesthood and later with the grace of hierarchal ordination, serving as a Bishop of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in Mexico.

English. Softcover. 5.5" x 8". 144 pp. Includes color and b/w illustrations. Translated from the Greek. Published by St. Nicodemos Publications. ISBN 0-9831396-0-7

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