Orthodox Prayer Book

Orthodox Prayer Book

Besides the regular prayers used in the worship cycle of the day, this prayer book contains prayers for various needs of a family or a single person.

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English. Hardcover. 4.25"x7.5". 175 pp. Published by Holy Protection Monastery, Lake George, CO.

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Orthodox Prayer Book

By: Iulia on 11/24/2016 03:28:40 AM

This is a lovely prayer book. It includes the Pre- and Post-Communion prayers, prayers for loved ones (for children, parents, etc.), for each day of the week, morning and evening prayers, Lenten Prayer of St Ephraim the Syrian, etc. The Praklesis to the Theotokos and the Canon to the Guardian Angel are there, as well. It is a New V?ratic Publishing book. I use it every day and others have loved it - it is a great gift.

prayer book

By: mnat on 12/20/2014 10:19:34 PM

This is a great prayer book. Would recommend it for everyone. I use this prayer book every day.

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