Ornate Silver Ring with Jesus Prayer in Greek

Ornate Silver Ring with Jesus Prayer in Greek

Sterling silver ring with the words of the Jesus Prayer engraved in Greek: ΚΥΡΙΕ ΙΗΣΟΥ ΧΡΙΣΤΕ ΕΛΕΗΣΟΝ ΜΕ (LORD JESUS CHRIST HAVE MERCY ON ME).

Available with or without gold plating.

The rings are hand-polished to have a beautiful, high gloss finish.

All rings have the same width of ~1/4" (6 mm).

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Ornate Silver Rings with Jesus Prayer*


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Ornate Jesus Prayer Ring

By: Christy on 06/22/2014 07:46:53 PM

This silver ring is beautifully made, with precisely detailed edges; however, unlike other such rings I've seen, the decoration does not overwhelm the words of the prayer. The oxidized background and raised letters make the words of the prayer stand out. It's an excellent reminder to say the prayer often.


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