Athonite Charcoal Powder

Athonite Charcoal Powder

Athonite-style charcoal powder made of grapevine cuttings from St. Anthony’s monastery. The charcoal powder has the following advantages over traditional charcoal tablets:

  • Does not produce smoke or sparks
  • Does not make noise upon lighting
  • Much cheaper than tablets
  • Use only as much as you need

The 7-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 250 times. The 21-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 750 times.

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Powdered Charcoal

By: Terry on 05/10/2017 02:04:19 PM

I switched to powdered charcoal from Mt. Athos years ago. I don't want to go back to briquettes. Powdered charcoal is no mess for me; it lights easier; it burns for the time I need it; it melts the incense perfectly; it's less hot than briquettes, and it's smaller in size. I have tried cutting the briquettes into quarters, but that's a mess, and they are still to big. I don't have any trouble with powdered charcoal. I hope the monastery gets some soon.

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