Athonite Charcoal Powder

Athonite Charcoal Powder

Athonite-style charcoal powder made of grapevine cuttings from St. Anthony’s monastery. The charcoal powder has the following advantages over traditional charcoal tablets:

  • Does not produce smoke or sparks
  • Does not make noise upon lighting
  • Much cheaper than tablets
  • Use only as much as you need

The 7-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 250 times. The 21-oz. can has enough powder to burn incense approximately 750 times.

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Charcoal Powder is worth a try

By: Anthony on 05/30/2018 02:42:01 AM

We switched to charcoal powder at home some time ago, and there is no going back. No issues of gun powder sparks, broken briquettes, overabundance of non-incense smoke, and other problems with many briquettes. Easy to light, easy to fish out old incense, conserves and preserves nicely. No immediate melting of the incense like with briquettes, just enough heat to burn as needed.

Athonite charcoal powder

By: Liam on 05/25/2018 04:41:55 PM

Absolutely the best lighting material for incense I've ever had. When the instructions says to use only a half teaspoon of charcoal powder, it truly is all you need. It will burn for an hour and more during prayer and Orthodox devotions. I love this product. It truly delivers what Saint Anthony's Monastery says it will. What a refreshing delight to have a genuine and satisfying product. Thank you Saint Anthony's Monastery. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly in our midst.

Powdered Charcoal

By: Terry on 05/10/2017 02:04:19 PM

I switched to powdered charcoal from Mt. Athos years ago. I don't want to go back to briquettes. Powdered charcoal is no mess for me; it lights easier; it burns for the time I need it; it melts the incense perfectly; it's less hot than briquettes, and it's smaller in size. I have tried cutting the briquettes into quarters, but that's a mess, and they are still to big. I don't have any trouble with powdered charcoal. I hope the monastery gets some soon.

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